Debt Collection Defense in Kansas City

Are you being sued on an old debt? Especially one that you thought was “charged off”? If so then you NEED a lawyer’s help.

Perhaps you are being sued by a company (a/k/a “debt buyer”) who bought your old debt after it was written off by the first creditor. If so, you may have great defenses that could reduce or eliminate the amount you have to pay to the debt buyer. You might even have counterclaims that you can bring against them. In many cases, people being sued by a debt collection company have legitimate defenses to the lawsuit. The problem is, non-lawyers usually don’t realize it. Yet they often go it alone, sometimes not even showing up to court. And worse, once the debt collector gets a judgment, then they can force you to pay through garnishment or other execution efforts, like attachment of property.

There is a better way. Let me fight back, and make them prove the case in court.

I can provide you with representation in your lawsuit in court, and defend you in the lawsuit. In many cases, after you hire me you won’t need to attend court again. And in some cases, I can even keep you from having to pay the creditor a dime! That’s much better than a judgment against you and the constant worry about garnishments or other execution on the judgment, isn’t it?

Or, for an even lower fee, I can meet with you and give you limited representation to teach you the basics on how to represent yourself in court. I give you advice, free forms, and answer your questions during one meeting. In my opinion, every defendant in a debt collection lawsuit should at least consider learning enough about the process so that they will know what to expect and how to protect themselves.

How much does this cost? Less than you might think.

There is no fee for the initial telephone or in person consultation to determine if your case is eligible for this kind of representation. If you opt for full representation, including court appearances, my fees start at just a few hundred dollars. I can accept credit cards, or payments by installments, to make the costs of hiring me practical on almost any budget.

Limited representation costs even less, but you get less. I do not represent you in court, but I provide you with an office consult and advice about your case. I can also provide certain forms for you to use or do legal research on an as needed basis, depending on what you need and want. Limited representation costs $200 and up, depending on the services you choose.

Don’t Wait

If you have been sued, there’s no time to waste.

If you have been sued on a debt by a debt collector and:

  • you don’t believe you owe the debt at all, or
  • you think you owe something, but not the amount being sued upon, or
  • you don’t recognize the name of the company that is suing you,

then you should contact me to find out more about debt collection defense.

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