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Student Loan Lawyers are rare. Glad you found us.

In the Kansas City metro and even throughout Kansas and Missouri, student loan lawyers are not common. That is to say, there probably are far fewer lawyers who have worked specifically on student loan problems for clients than other types of debt. Fortunately, Terry Lawson of Lawson Law Center has been training and studying aspects of student loan law for several years. There are many things a student loan lawyer might do to assist those dealing with overwhelming student loan debt. If you need an attorney who understands the problems related to student loan law, give us a try.

Myths vs. Facts About Student Loans

When it comes to Student Loans, myths are everywhere. For example, many people think student loans:

Are impossible to understand;

Cannot be discharged in bankruptcy under any circumstances;

Cannot be reinstated after default;

Must be paid under only one payment plan;

These things are simply not true. The bigger problem is that many of these beliefs are based in fact, and so are half-truths, which are much harder to deal with than a lie. Knowing what your true options are allows you to make a reasoned decision on how you will treat your student loans. Let’s face it, for many people student loans are as big or bigger than decent sized mortgages. If you are having problems paying your student loans, I may be able to help.

Student Loan Problem? – Just SLAP It!

I provide a variety of student loan related services, but perhaps the most important one is my Student Loan Assessment & Plan (SLAP). This is a flat fee-based fact-gathering and analysis program, where I help you “get to the bottom” of your student loan problems and help you determine actual solutions. Each SLAP includes the initial intake, a budget review, an assessment of all of your student loans, and an action plan explaining the steps you need to accomplish to get back on track. For an additional fee, I can implement your plan for you, or fight a student loan lawsuit if one exists, or perform other student loan related services.

Student Loan Debt Collection

Did you know that student loan debt collectors have to follow the same rules as all other debt collectors? And that you can SUE if they violate the FDCPA or other collection laws? It’s true. In fact, there are other rules specific to student loan collections that must also be followed, making the field of student loan debt collection highly regulated. I have already had some success in defending student loan collections lawsuits, and in suing for improper collection under the FDCPA. If you are already in collections on your student loan, all hope is not lost. You may have rights and defenses you never knew you had. But you may need a lawyer to find out how to use them.

Legal Help

Student Loan Default

Default shouldn’t be a dirty word. If you have discovered that you are in default on your loans, you may be convinced that there is no way out. That is simply not the case. Even for those who default, there are options. But you should act quickly – there are also serious consequences to default if you continue to do nothing to fix it.

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